Drupal community

Thousands of users use Drupal worldwide. Great quality and professionalism makes it being used by leading brands.

New modules are made daily, there are daily fixes prepared for each module, errors are detected daily and this is all for the idea of a free software.

Drupal’s community is hundreds of thousands of people who use it for their everyday jobs or as a hobby. Thanks to their work there are already 24 thousand modules and nearly 2 thousand graphical skins. You should also add 4 versions of Drupal starting from version 4 up to version 7, which currently is widely used. It is important to mention that version 8 is being developed which introduces a lot of new features. There are a lot extensions created around Drupal known as profiles that are customized to meet existing needs e.g. Drupal Commerce as a sales platform or Open Atrium as Internet for business. This is all created by passionate people who spend every available time to develop specific items of the system and they are ready to support in every issue that has occurred while creating a web site.

Drupal network is one of the best and most developing technological communities.