Flexible and functional solution

By using CMS Drupal you can create a basic web page, which will serve as company’s card, a catalogue of products, as well as large services, online shops and internet applications that support business.

What is CMS Drupal?

CMS Drupal is not just a system for content management; it is also a tool that enables creating more complex internet applications. Its structure is based around modular frame, thanks to which you can implement new functionalities at any stage of creating or managing the web page. Currently there are around 24 thousand modules available for Drupal, they can be downloaded and used for free with your own web site. It is also important to note that a lot of the modules are linked together, and therefore by using a few of them you are able to create highly complex internet applications.

Let the numbers speak for themselves: 24 thousand modules, 2 thousand graphical templates ready for download and installation to your own web pages for free.

What types of applications can be created using Drupal?

Drupal can be used for various internet applications. Creating a web page – a business card or a blog should not be a challenge even for an amateur. Apart from simple web pages, Drupal enables you to create:

By a dedicated application we mean all types of:

  • Intra-networks
  • Extra-networks
  • Content aggregators
  • Reservation systems
  • Knowledge bases

and many other applications, that can support in improving own business, creating a community, etc.

They can be integrated with external applications like: payment systems, book keeping systems as well as with other Drupal-originated sites or those written with other technologies.