Intuitive support

Simplicity and the speed of managing sites is one of Drupal’s main advantages.

Using a well-designed web site based on CMS Drupal is very simple and intuitive. Everyone, even without programming skills or site admin skills, will be able to work with it.

What are Drupal’s advantages for those who manage an internet service?

  • Access system enabling granting credentials for a single functionality only, that a given person should obtain
  • Ease at finding elements for modification – content editing could be approached in few ways, by using a context menu or an administrative menu.
  • Word processor created to match the style of Office based texts – you can attach a photo, a file, a content equipped with headings, or tables, to every site body, just by using hand-held tools.
  • A friendly graphics interface of an administrative panel
  • Translation system for language versions – adding missing translations with just a few clicks
  • Turning on or off of a given functionality is usually a matter of 2 clicks.

And many more.