Drupal is used in thousands of web sites therefore it is subject to rigorous security tests by Drupal community as well as by experts in the field of security.

Today, practically every man on Earth has access to Internet therefore bigger impact is placed on a service’s security. By security we mean protecting from unwanted users, but also effective application operation without any glitches or statics. When building web sites we have to ensure that the user can flawlessly browse through our service. Sites and take a long time to load will definitely discourage even the most patient users.

Why Drupal is safe?

  • It is developed and tested by thousands of people who search and fix errors at any time of the day.
  • It has security solutions preventing hack attacks
  • It has a well-thought system of updating and patching
  • It has a system of logs enabling fast problem identification
  • It is equipped with systems accelerating sites operation which in turn decreases server consumption, which when overused, can cause a site to turn off or freeze