SEO Friendly

Every site or an online shop written in Drupal can be equipped in mechanisms supporting them in search optimization with search browsers like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Web sites are created with a goal that they will support large number of visiting users. This in turn can influence the increase in sales rate of services or increase the number of permanent visitors to our service. It is very important to do search engine optimization because without it only a small number of people will reach your service.

How Drupal supports search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is influenced by numerous factors. The first and the most important one is the so called optimization of the site for search browsers. This activity is basically preparing the site to be search browser as well as user friendly.

The most important features of a SEO friendly site are:

  • the ability  of entering meta tags,
  • a friendly url's,
  • generating sitemaps.xml (a useful sitemap for search browsers),
  • headings hierarchy h1, h2, h3,
  • alts and titles for images,
  • link anchors.

Every, well-designed site based on CMS Drupal has standard mechanisms, thanks to which after start-up it can reach high ranks in search browsers.