Mobile solutions

We create mobile solutions thanks to which you will beat the competition and access wider audience.

A mobile phone is not just a device used for making phone calls or texting. The mobile phone has become the same mean for business as a computer. In the era of fast Internet and technological development, smart phones often become your company’s mobile command center. We can use them to browse web sites, send emails or check the status of sales in our shop. More often now, people use mobile phones to do shopping or they look for information about companies. Mobility trend is an increasing one; therefore we should keep that in mind when designing our sites and online shop.

We offer:

  • designing and implementing responsive web sites
  • designing and implementing responsive online shops

What are responsive web sites?

These types of web sites fit with the body of a given mobile device, whether it is a mobile phone or a tablet. The web site should display on every device in such a way that browsing through it was easy and pleasurable.

Why is it worth to have a mobile web site?

Main advantages of having a mobile web site are:

  • Useability of the web site, the user can find most relevant information fast
  • Professional presentation of the company, no matter what the mobile device is
  • Promoting and building of the company brand (profile) on the Internet

Why is it worth to choose our company?

Building a company’s profile on the Internet is our passion where the biggest award is client’s satisfaction and also the results coming out from the site we have created, measured by audience rating and the conversion of the target. Each new project is a challenge which we approach with the highest carefulness and attention to detail.