Technical support

We monitor, analyze, develop and improve existing CMS Drupal-based sites.

We have a full-scale approach to the services related to CMS Drupal. We offer sub contractual implementation services of web sites or online shops. It focuses on site management, developing it or typical monitoring of operational stability. Clearance is based on a monthly service fee and additionally an agreed hourly rate. We also create auditing services for the existing Drupal sites, this way the client receives a report about site’s structure or operation.

We offer:

  • Auditing services of CMS Drupal-based sites
  • Further development of the existing sites or online shops
  • Monitoring operational stability of the site and response to a failure
  • Managing sites and shops based on CMS Drupal

Why is it worth to choose our company?

Building a company’s profile on the Internet is our passion where the biggest award is client’s satisfaction and also the results coming out from the site we have created, measured by audience rating and the conversion of the target. Each new project is a challenge which we approach with the highest carefulness and attention to detail.